If you already have thick hair, should you avoid that as an option?

I’m not sure. I have fine hair and it was being weighed down by things in the commercial products, so I think this may just keep your hair in its most natural state, or close to. I’ve read mixed reviews about this method on thicker hair, so maybe an additional “mask” of coconut oil once a week would help.

Also, I’ve been doing some reading about infusing the vinegar rinse with different herbs for added benefits. For example, aloe vera makes hair smoother, healthier, and more manageable, which may be helpful for folks with thicker hair.

Beginning the road to wellness.

Slowly, Greg and I have been replacing our every day/household items with easily sustainable, less/non toxic, DIY alternatives. The more we’ve educated ourselves about what goes into commercial products and how harmful they can be, the less we wanted them in our home - especially now that we’re a family with a baby due right around the corner.

Yesterday, I finally abandoned conventional hair care and switched to baking soda and vinegar rinses in place of commercial shampoo and conditioner. It’s incredibly frugal and the results have been phenomenal. Just using this method twice, my hair looks and feels thicker, cleaner, and softer than it ever has - and I also feel good knowing that I am putting less harmful chemicals in and on my body and contributing less to unnecessary waste on the planet.

A tiny baby step but definitely in the right direction.